Reference works -
  1. Sanskrit Noun Generator - generate all vibhakti forms of a noun (use with care)
  2. Sanskrit Verb Generator - generate all tenses of a verb (use with care)
  3. Vaman Shivaram APTE's Dictionary , another link to Apte's Sanskrit Dictionary 
  4. Monier Williams Dictionary
  5. Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary - Great features.

Reading and writing -
  1. How to Read/Write Sanskrit? sanskrit alphabet chart, pronunciation help
  2. Help with Tattoo translations
  3. SANSCRIPT - one of the best Web based transliteration tool, works precisely on ITRANS scheme.
  4. Google transliteration IME tool - download. Great  

Texts -
  1. Valmiki Ramayana - in three different formats

Audio/Video -

Others -
  1. Sanskrit Documents Project - a lot of information, if you like treasure hunting!
  2. Sudharma - Daily Sanskrit newspaper from Mysore. 
  3. Vishvasya Vrittantam - Daily Sanskrit newspaper

If you know of good resources that will be good to list here, please send email to