Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali to all!

Happy Diwali to all!


i had written an article in 2003 on Diwali that i have as a PDF, so instead of extracting text out of that, i thought of uploading the PDF itself.

click on the small icon on bottom right of the document (Fullscreen) to read comfortably.
or you can also read that as GIF by clicking on the pics below.


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  1. Nice post with interesting info about the most loved festival of India. It would have been more complete with a mention of Kali Pooja celebrated in Bengal at the same time.

  2. thank you sahana.
    i never said i am perfect, though i am almost there ;)

    the festivals in india actually started as regional expression of the bounties of nature. with no internet and telephones or postal mail in those days, regions developed their expressions in their own ways.

    any attempt to describe all of india is only an approximation. thank you for bearing with my limitations.

  3. Dear Sashi,
    Nice post. Well done. I am a regular visitor now! God Bless.


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