Saturday, July 3, 2010

defeating the main opponent - प्रधान-मल्ल-निबर्हण-न्यायः

watching the FIFA quarter finals between netherlands and brazil, yesterday (2nd july) one felt sorry for brazil and happy for netherlands. this is assuming that one was not partial towards any of the teams, like being a citizen of that country!

watching germany defeat argentina 4-0 today (3rd july), again emphasized that the domination of south america was over for this FIFA.

can one assume from this that the finals will be played between germany and netherlands? after all they have defeated the best of the opponents. here i am reminded of the "pradhAna-malla-nibarhaNa-nyAyaH", i.e. "the maxim of defeating the main wrestler of the opponent team". if one has defeated the main opponent, surely the others can be defeated! of course, nothing can be said of soccer, but you get the idea.

= प्रधान-मल्ल-निबर्हण-न्यायः
= pradhAna-malla-nibarhaNa-nyAyaH

pradhAna = main
malla = wrestler
nibarhaNa = (n) removal, ouster, pulling out
nyAyaH = maxim

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