Friday, April 15, 2011

The Lord is within us. अन्तर्यामी

The Lord is within us.

अन्तर्यामी = antaryAmI
= antar + yAmI
= inside + mover
= one that moves inside us.
= antarmadhye yamayati sva-sva-kAryeShu indriyAdIni niyojayati
= one that moves within [us] and engages the senses in their respective activities.
= supreme divine, the force of Life and beyond!

The Lord is within us.

antaryAmI is a very popular synonym for the Supreme Divine, Lord, God.

You don't have to search for the supreme divine, the force that runs the show anywhere outside. Just bow your head in humbleness and see it within you. It resides in all of us. Metaphorically as well physically. This magic of the body that runs so smoothly, 90% time without our specific instruction, is due to the force of life knowing intrinsically what to do! When we shed the curtain of ego we see it in us and everyone around us. That is the enlightenment in one word.

No institution, no appointed guards, no mediators, no guru-s or swAmI-s are needed. When you see that the Life Force is same in all of us, humans, animals, plants, when you see the oneness of it all, all negatives go away. Just like you don't hate your left hand and love your right hand, heck you don't even hate an injured or diseased body part, you feel all the more love and pity for it. Similarly, when you see the same force in all living beings, and then beyond that, you can only have love for all, no hatred.

Start seeing the force in you, and in all around you. Some may the force misdirected, strayed from the path of good deeds, hidden by the veil of ignorance. Help them. Not by giving them a membership card to a club, but liberating them with care and love.

Just like a movie lasts 90-120 minutes and then its 'life' is all gone, so are we here temporarily in this form. Soon the movie will be over. So for this short duration why hate anyone, why have ego?

See the inner-dweller and rejoice.

The Lord is within us.

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