Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Target-missing marksman - अपराद्धेषोरिव धानुष्कस्य

aparāt-hi-iṣhoḥ-iva dhānuṣhkasya
अपराद्धेषोरिव धानुष्कस्य

“Empty boasting of an archer whose arrow always misses the mark.”

“The chatter
of a talkative person who knows not the matter,
is useless like target-missing-archer's swagger.” (Māgha)

The loudest chatterers are usually the ones who are not proficient in their expected domain, and want to cover up. Rather than covering up, maybe we should find our true skills and spend energies there. If we are in the 'wrong side of the town' for some reason, we should at least not boast about our own shortcomings as strengths. Rather, we should try to improve upon them.

Falsehood does not last long. And when the water-balloon of fakeness bursts, it wets our own head. Humility itself is the best cover for shortcomings. People do not mind a nice person with some flaws, but they dislike a constipated ‘expert’.

Pride goes forth on horseback, grand and gay; but comes back on foot, and begs its way.

Do a job so good that other people talk about it! Use that free publicity. Let our actions speak for themselves. Usually they speak louder than words anyways.

Let your work do the talking.

Language notes:
अपराद्धेषोरिव धानुष्कस्य कण्ठाडम्बरः
= अपरात्-हि-इषुः-इव धानुष्कस्य कण्ठ-आडम्बरः
= aparāt-hi-iṣhoḥ-iva dhānuṣhkasya kaṇṭha-āḍambaraḥ |
= offmark-surely-arrow-like_such bowsman's throat-showoff

iṣhuH = arrow.
iva = like (as in 'like this way')

dhanuH = bow
dhānuṣhka = archer.
kaṇṭha = throat.
āḍambara = show off

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