Monday, May 18, 2020

Opium Eater and the Divine Boatman - "Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times." Weekly session with Shashi

Ahibhuk Kaivarta Nyāya - Opium Eater and the Divine Boatman

Ahibhuk was a constant consumer of opium.
ahi means a poisonous snake, and phena is the froth.
Ahi-phena is the oozing juice from a poppy flower, like the one shown below.
From ahi-phena comes opium. It is an alkaloid, gives a great high, and is poisonous in larger quantities.

Ahibhuk was always high on opium. And one day he boarded a ferry to cross a river.

What happened then? See the video below.

A profound Sanskrit maxim (nyāya) about our true nature and the difficulty in realizing it. Part of the 2nd May 2020 online session. This is part of Session 1 (2 May 2020) of the weekly online series - "Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times."

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