Friday, June 26, 2009

online resources for sanskrit

monier williams online dictionary - a great resource, but entries like this have abbreviations that can confuse initially:
(H1B) अर्जुन [L=15764] n. slight inflammation of the conjunctiva or white of the eye Sus3r.

the Sus3r. means सुश्रुत , the s3 standing for श

ApTe's sanskrit dictionary - the print version is a comprehensive dictionary, and being written by an indigenous scholar , it has an extra wealth of information as well.

sanskrit verb generator - this is a wonderful tool for getting the verb forms of lot of verb roots. try it out if you are not scared of 20 verb forms :)

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    check the above site for courses you could do on Sanskrit and vedanta..

    Venkatraman N


    Yet another site where you can learn sanskrit online - one step at a time. However, you need to know devanagiri



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