Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Practical Sanskrit on

after the brief stint with radio, this time, "Practical Sanskrit" is finding space on - a local portal.

it is good to be noticed, without any publicity or marketing expenses. that also shows that it does have some true value, not such a passing fad.

and that reminds me, i did last the initial one week's enthusiasm.

"the wise pass time while entertaining with sciences and arts; the fool while getting in troubles, fighting or sleeping."

thank you, all you wise guys, for the support and interest. you surely will benefit from the time investment you are making.

hari om!

PS: one correction in the article:

"the compilers of Veda riches only carried forward those" should read as
"the compilers of Veda richas only carried forward those"
(riches -> richas)

the word richa (Richaa, ऋचा) is the name for vedic hymns, from which the first veda gets is name - "rig-veda".

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