Thursday, March 17, 2011

New book of Sanskrit Maxims in plain English.

Dear Practical Sanskrit lovers,
Thank you for your continued support, with an impressive following on the blog and Facebook. Your continued support encouraged me to think that Sanskrit and its wisdom still has taker. Seeing the popularity of the posts based on Sanskrit maxims, nyāyaḥ , I have compiled many of them and published in a print book form.

Shipping has started.

Please visit the website to order the book. You can read a sample of the book as well on the website or just scroll down in this page.

It is also critical to show your support for this book, since it attempts to make Sanskrit alive for modern context. It is book of practical wisdom that can be used by anyone in real life. Supporting this work, will be encouragement for future works as well that are in the pipeline.

You have loved the posts on this blog, now is the time to show your support in a manner that matters - tangibly.

There are many ways you can support -
  1. READ THE SAMPLE. And then when you like it,
  2. Buy a copy for yourself.
  3. Gift it to others. It makes a great birthday gift for young adults as well.
  4. Buy as a corporate purchase for your team. Bulk discounts available.
  5. Share the link - -  with friends and co-workers.
  6. Join and ask others to join the Facebook page.

Attitude Shift is now available on Kindle as well.
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Show your support where it counts.

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