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Saraswati Stuti 3 - नमामि यामिनी-नाथ-लेखालंकृत-कुन्तलाम्

I bow to the one who has ear-rings adorned with the shine of moonlight, to Bhavani, to the one who is like a river of nectar to extinguish the scorching of this mortal world. || 3 ||

Like any epitome of beauty, her jewelry is also impeccable. Her ear rings have a shade of shining moonlight. Imagine it as a name of a fragrance or of a pearl - 'Shine de Luna' or something equally exotic. She has those ear rings.

She is also Bhavani (bhavAnI), which is the name of Parvati. Bhavani literally means bhavasya bhAryA - the wife of the bhava, the Lord God, that which has happened, formed. Remember, the whole world is imbibed with the divine. First there was the unmanifest, then the manifest - the bhava, that which happened. The power that sustains that, is Bhavani, much like a wife sustains the home. 

Here comes the unity in diversity. The three forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are all the same - Adi-puruShu; and the three forms of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati are all the same - Adi-shakti. It takes all three to have this world function. So Bhavani is used for all three goddesses, in context. But otherwise, it is meant for Parvati.

This mortal world has many troubles, pains and sorrows. Well, there is positive also, but we only remember the powers to be during trouble, be it the police, government or the divine. The scorching pains of this mortal world are extinguished, soothed by the nectar like waters of the river, that is literally - the Saraswati river; and figuratively - the knowledge supreme. Ignorance is the main cause of all troubles and Saraswati removes ignorance.

Watch out for more shloka-s from Saraswati Stuti coming up.

And now the language aspects -

नमामि यामिनी-नाथ-लेखालंकृत-कुन्तलाम् ।
भवानीं भव-सन्ताप-निर्वापण-सुधा-नदीम् ॥३॥

namāmi yāminī-nātha-lékhālaṅkṛita-kuntalām ।
bhavānīm bhava-santāpa-nirvāpaṇa-sudhā-nadīm ॥3॥

namAmi yAminI-nAtha-lekhAla~NkRita-kuntalAm ।
bhavAnIm bhava-santApa-nirvApaNa-sudhA-nadIm ॥3॥

namAmi = I bow
yAminInAtha = lord (nAtha) of the night (yAminI), the moon
lekhAla~NkRita = adorned (ala~nkRita) with the streaks/lines (lekha)
kuntalAm = to the one who has [such] ear rings
bhavAnIm = to Bhavani, the mother of the world
bhava = this world, that which has happened
santApa = scorching, pains and sorrow
nirvApaNa = for extinguishing, calming, soothing
sudhA = nectar
nadIm = to [such] river

(c) shashikant joshi । शशिकांत जोशी । ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः ।
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  1. I remember this as a part of the Chinmaya classes 'Bala Vihar'. Thx a ton for this post

  2. I remember this as a part of the Saraswathi shloka series at the Chinamaya Mission's 'Bala Vihar'. Thanks a ton for the post.


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