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Saraswati Stuti 7 - यया विना जगत्सर्वं

Without whom the entire world would become eternally dumb (without speech) and like insane, that divinity who is the presiding protector of Speech, for that Vani, salutation, salutation. || 7 ||

Imagine no speech. Just dumb. No speech whatsoever. Just grunts, chirps, screechs like monkeys and birds.

Without speech it will be very insane indeed. All our day passes by listening to people - at office, at home, on TV, on the phone, singing our favorite songs, in movies, in games (rarely to ourselves!). How insane it would be, without speech!

Thanks to Speech, Saraswati, for giving us not only faith, retention, intelligence, but sanity.

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And now the language aspects -

यया विना जगत्सर्वं मूकमुन्मत्तवत्सदा ।
या देवी वागधिष्ठात्री तस्यै वाण्यै नमो नमः ॥७॥

yayā vinā jagat-sarvam mūkam_unmattavat-sadā ।
yā dévī vāgadhiṣhṭhātrī tasyai vāṇyai namo namaḥ ॥7॥

yayA vinA jagat-sarvam mUkam_unmattavat-sadA ।
yA devI vAgadhiShThAtrI tasyai vANyai namo namaH ॥7॥

yayA = by which
vinA = without
jagat = world
sarvam = entire
mUkam = dumb, speechless
unmattavat = like insane (unmatta)
sadA = always
yA = that which
devI = goddess
vAgadhiShThAtrI = presiding diety of speech (vAk)
tasyai = for her
vANyai = for Speech (vANi)
namo = namaH = salutation
namaH = salutation

(c) shashikant joshi । शशिकांत जोशी । ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः ।
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  1. thank you for this great translation and helping us understand the proper meanings of the vedic texts :-)


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