Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year - नववर्षाभिनन्दनम्

time ticked one more second and as per the modern common custom, it is time to make resolutions, or should i say time to 'start following up on the resolutions made under extreme peer pressure'.

vidur has a small advice for resolutions, undertakings, projects that we decide to undertake. "the wise should only make those resolutions (undertake projects) that are according to one's ability and aptitude." else they will have less chance of completion.

"once started, the wise doesn't stop or get distracted by fear or attachment, cold or heat, ample or no resources, pride or aimlessness; the wise takes resolutions to completion."

and here is a simple yet deep thought for the new year:
"but the one who sees all beings in the divine and divine in all beings, after that [after such viewpoint, experience] one doesn't hate anyone." - iishAvAsya upaniShad (6)

each of the 18 shlokas of this upaniShad is packed with meaning worth a chapter or a book in itself. being part of the upaniShad, these kind of thoughts are very ancient, much before any of the 'modern' institutionalized 'religions' started.

here is pursuit of truth, spiritualism in its purest form, loaded with many layers of meanings and experiences.

here is wishing you all a happy new year.

embrace the world with an open heart.

for the great saint tulasiDasa says - "run towards the [people of the] world and hug them with love, for you never know in what form you may find the divine".

नववर्षाभिनन्दनम् = नव-वर्ष-अभिनन्दनम् = new-year-greetings

resolve to take resolutions to completion!

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