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This section lists out some of the selected posts, which would be a good read. This is a quick way to find the interesting, more useful posts. While all the posts are worth reading, these will make you feel 'time utilized'. Many of these ideas are expressed in different times in other cultures by other thinkers.

Then, there are some more, where I feel the deeper meanings are explained. The ideas explained in these deeper posts, I believe will make you think and feel, giving you a new thought to ponder. The ones where I have explained deeper insights, are in bold and red. Please do take time to read at least these. This list will be updated periodically.

While I have tried to categorize them in relevant categories - like religious, spiritual, parents, students, work and success, language and others - most of them are applicable to all. Please read across all sections.
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  1. Meditate upon Lord Ganesh - गणनायकाय गणदेवताय गणाध्यक्षाय धीमहि ।
  2. Meditate upon Lord Rama - श्रीरामचन्द्र कृपालु भजु मन, हरण भव-भय दारुणम् । shrī-rāma-chandra kṛipālu bhaju mana, haraṇa bhava-bhaya dāruṇam ।

  1. 'The Force' to make your destiny is in your hands - कराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मी karAgre vasate lakShmI
  2. Green, bountiful, mother earth - environmental message - समुद्र-वसने देवि samudra-vasane devi
  3. Avoid harsh words - Rigveda - न दुरुक्ताय स्पृहयेत् na duruktAye spRihayet
  4. Human or animal, what is the difference? - आहार-निद्रा-भय-मैथुनं च AhAra-nidrA-bhaya-maithunam cha
  5. Large shoes, small footprint - don't let consumption consume you. - भोगा न भुक्ता bhogA na bhuktA
  6. Eat to live, not live to eat - ब्रह्मार्पणं ब्रह्म हविः brahmArpaNaM brahma haviH
  7. Time is insurmountable - कालः पचति भूतानि kAlaH pachati bhUtAni
  8. God helps them who help themselves - न देवा दण्डमादाय na devA daNDamAdAya
Crane among swans.

  1. Four ingredients to the recipe for disaster - यौवनं धनसम्पत्तिः yauwanaM dhana-sampattiH
  2. Four enemies within family - father, mother, wife and son - ऋणकर्ता पिता शत्रुः RiNa-kartA pitA shatruH
  3. Role of parents in child's education - माता शत्रुः पिता वैरी mAtA shatruH pitA vairI
  4. Five types of fathers - giver of food, fearlessness, daughter, birth, knowledge. - अन्नदाता भयत्राता anna-dAtA bhaya-trAtA

  1. Why is the divinity of learning (and not wealth) called the giver of boons? - Sarasvati namastubhyam - सरस्वति नमस्तुभ्यम्
  2. Four learning agents - guru, self, classmates, time. - आचार्यात् पादमादत्ते AchAryAt pAdamAdatte
  3. How the wise and fool spend their time? - काव्यशास्त्रविनोदेन kAvya-shAstra-vinodena
  4. How does knowledge lead to happiness? - विद्या ददाति विनयं vidyA dadAti vinayaM
  5. The four poisons - bad studies, food in indigestion ... - अनभ्यासे विषं विद्या anabhyAse viShaM vidyA
  6. Science is the only eye - without it you are blind - अनेकसंशयोच्छेदि aneka-saMshayo_chchhedi

For work and success
  1. Worthiness of men and women - अश्वः शस्त्रं शास्त्रं वीणा ashwaH shastraM shAstraM vINA
  2. No substitute for hard work - multiple shloka-s on the importance of Hard Work. - यथा ह्येकेन चक्रेण yathA hyekena chakreNa
  3. Abundance of yes-men - won't do you good - सुलभाः पुरुषा राजन् sulabhAH puruShA rAjan
  4. How the wise and fool spend their time? - काव्यशास्त्रविनोदेन kAvya-shAstra-vinodena
  5. Smile, for you are worth it! - अमंत्रमक्षरं नास्ति amantramakSharaM nAsti
  6. God helps them who help themselves - न देवा दण्डमादाय na devA daNDamAdAya
  7. Renounce smaller selfish interests for the bigger good - त्यजेत् कुलार्थे पुरुषं tyajet kulArthe puruSham
  8. Qualities of the wise - know thyself - आत्मज्ञानं समारम्भः AtmaGYaanam samArambhaH
  9. We are what we eat - on leadership and parenting - दीपो भक्षयते ध्वान्तं dIpo bhakShayate dhvAntam
  10. Tomorrow's stuff today - श्वः-कार्यमद्य कुर्वीत shvaH-kAryamadya kurvIta
  11. Stable fame and prosperity comes through discipline - श्रीर्मङ्गलात् प्रभवति shrIr_ma~NgalAt prabhavati

Worrying ruins everything.
  1. No limits in earning knowledge and wealth, and no delay in doing good - अजरामरवत्प्राज्ञो ajarAmaravat-prAGYo
  2. Four friends - knowledge, wife, medicine, dharma - विद्या मित्रं प्रवासेषु vidyA mitraM pravAseShu
  3. Give dutifully when, where, to whom the need is - The importance of giving, multiple shloka-s. - दातव्यमिति यद्दानं dAtavyamiti yaddAnam
  4. The brave, the smart, the orator, the giver - शतेषु जायते शूर shateShu jAyate shUra
  5. Like father like son - यथा भूमिस्तथा तोयं yathA bhUmis_tathA toyaM
  6. Stay in the present, don't mourn the past - गते शोको न कर्तव्यो gate shoko na kartavyo
  7. Don't skip a meal, bath, helping or meditation - शतं विहाय भोक्तव्यं shatam vihAya bhoktavyam
  8. Three hurdles to happiness - लोभ-मूलानि पापानि lobha-mUlAni pApAni
  9. Worrying ruins everything - संतापाद्भ्रश्यते रूपं santApAd_bhrashyate rUpam

Letter/vowel 'a'

  1. Transliteration scheme, how to read/write Sanskrit - the alphabet
  2. Vowels - अ a, आ aa/A, इ i, ई ii/ee/I, उ u, ऊ uu/oo/U, ऋ Ri, ए e, ऐ ai, ओ o, औ au, अं aM, अः aH
  3. The wise and the poet - proper understanding - अवयः केवलकवयः avayaH kevalakavayaH
  4. Pranayama on the go - aM and aH - अं अः
  5. Indic transliteration on computers - brief history and now
  6. How colorful is your life? - colors in sanskrit
  7. Old age makes great even out of the selfish - यममिव करधृतदण्डं yamam_iva kara-dhRita-daNDam
  8. Power of the language - multiple meanings - विना गो-रसं vinA go-rasam

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