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Hindu Prayer Book (English)

Hindu Prayer Book (English)

A new and expanded print and Kindle version of this book is coming soon. The goal is to provide accurate transliteration, easy to read for new-comers, word by word accurate translation, and meaning to help you understand your devotion.

The first section will have uninterrupted devanAgarI of the shaloka-s, mantra-s, aartai-s etc.
The second will have the full content in IAST format (Roman characters with diacritic marks).
Once you understand every word and meaning, you won't need the later section.

Then the third section will have word by word meaning, detailed explanations of each usage, stories behind each name. For example, why is Shiva called Neelkantha, and why Parvati called Uma.
The explanations will give your devotion a solid ground of understanding, not just blind 'faith'.
If you new to Hindu devotion/spirituality or an old hand, this will help understand why spirituality and Hindu religion is not a matter of blind faith but of deep psychology, philosophy and spirituality.

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Read sample of the older version below.

Hindu Prayer Book - English translation and transliteration. Compilation of most common prayers. This was in response to an article published in Cleveland Plain Dealer in January 2003 that Kirtan-s are becoming very popular in Cleveland, but not (m)any knew the meaning. Then some ’experts’ commented that words are not important and even that words can be an obstruction to real realization.

The question then comes - why then sing a kirtan, bhajan, and that too in Sanskrit? Words are important, when they convey an idea. So this humble collection of important and common mantras, shloka-s, and arti-s.

Any error is mine,
any perfection is divine.

Simple shloka-s for children and adults alike.
Daily prayer shloka-s and mantras

(c) shashikant joshi । शशिकांत जोशी । ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः ।
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  1. this is a very wonderful work and will be useful to lots of people. This book is a must for all youngsters to familiarise with Prayer Slokas. God bless you all.


  2. yep good work.. but like any other.. the author has kept the pdf locked from download.. they want to make money out of old Indian knowledge database..

    If they want to be compensated for the work, they could have asked for Donation.. but keeping download locked..? it not in the spirit of Hindu culture..

  3. srikanth, are you judging too quickly?
    the pdf is the author's manual work, and it is their choice to keep it whichever way.
    but if you see, there is a newer print book coming soon. this post and pdf is a sampler.
    so if someone finds it useful, why not pay, which is like a donation only, right? :)


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