Wednesday, July 8, 2009

leave the country where the evil lives - शकटं पंचहस्तेन

(save yourselves) (from) a cart by being five hands (away), (from) a horse by ten hands, (from) an elephant by a thousand (hands), (and) (from) the evil person by leaving the country.
शकटं पंचहस्तेन दशहस्तेन वाजिनम् ।
हस्तिनं तु सहस्रेण देशत्यागेन दुर्जनम् ॥

shakaTaM panchahastena, dasha-hastena vAjinaM |
hastinaM tu sahasreNa, desha-tyAgena durjanaM ||

what precaution should one take when dealing with various hazards?
from a cart, keep a distance of five hands. avoid accidental cart toppling!

keep a distance of ten hands from a horse, avoid getting it nervous!

and an elephant, keep a thousand hands' distance, unless you are a trained mahout.

the inanimate, the smaller animal, and the larger animal with streaks of brute strengths have been considered, but did we miss something? what about the worst animal - human, and even among them - the evil person (durjanaM) !

nothing can save you from the evil person. you should simply leave the country itself! is that one of the reason why people from all over still like to go to USA?

now the shloka at hand:

shakaTaM = cart
panchahastena = pancha = five, hasta = hand. technical it is not pancha but paJcha, where J is the 5th nasal of the cha-varga (ch, chh, j, jh, J)
panjAba = paJn + Abafive rivers' water.

dasha-hastena = by a measure of ten hands from a (new, stranger) horse.
vAjinaM = horse
hastinaM = elephant
sahasreNa = by the thousand hands
desha-tyAgena = desha - region, tyAga = renounce
durjanaM = evil person; duH = bad, janaM = person

the bad person is to be shunned so much, for they will bring some or the other trouble.

notice the -ena suffixes? that denotes 'by'.

PS: an error was in the original post, and has been corrected.
the word was shakaTaM and not shaTakaM
any RSS feeds would have the error. please consider this correcton.

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