Tuesday, August 3, 2010

alphabet boards a good thing for learning to read

बालः क्रीडति = bAlaH krIDati = boy plays.

What you see in the front is a wooden devanAgarI (देवनागरी) alphabet board. I had seen these ones for English in US, but it hadn't picked up in India for Indian languages. Now I found this, and my 3.5 year old has been playing with them and picking up.... he already reads most of the letters and picking up mAtrA (मात्रा).

These boards are a good thing, something which was not available to a generation or before earlier. They help make the letters come alive, something you can hold and feel. Giving it a whole new dimension to reading!

Anyone who wants to learn a new script, and has the kid in them, should try such board toys.

Of course, having a few smiley cars and building blocks and an ambulance will break the monotony too!

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  1. Where is it available? Can you give some particulars about place where it ca be purchased and the cost it will be more useful

  2. raghuveera, i picked it up from a kids' store. don't even remember, it has been some time now. but am guessing, it should be available widely now.


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