Monday, June 13, 2011

bear - भल्लूकः

ऋक्ष = RikSha = one who moves about (in the forest?)
the black bear was a common forest beast in India. see

दीर्घकेश = dIrgha-kesha = [one with] long (diRgha) hair (kesha)

दीर्घरोमन् = dIrgha-roman= [one with] long (diRgha) skin-hair (roman)

दीर्घदर्शी = dIrgha-darshI= one who sees (darshI) long (dIrgha)

पृष्ठचक्षुस् = pRiShTha-chakShus = [one with] eye (chakShus) in the back (pRiShTha) [of the head]

भल्लः = bhallaH = (onomatopoeia) one who makes noise (bhalla) like a demon
भल्लक /भल्लुक /भाल्लुक = variations of bhallaH

वृकधूर्तक = vRika-dhUrtaka = one who deceives (dhUrtaka) the wolf (vRika)

सशल्य = sa-shalya = one with sharp tool (shalya), i.e. its teeth (shalya = a sharp pointed/cutting instrument like a lance, spear, dart, javelin, arrow tip, surgical knife. surgery is called shalya-chikitsA

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