Thursday, June 2, 2011

flower, puShpam पुष्पम्

पुष्पम् puShpam = flower, that which grows (vikasati).

the root word puSh means to nourish, and there are many similar words, as -
पोषण poShaNa (noun) = the act of nourishing;
पुष्ट puShTa (adj) = healthy, well-nourished;
पौष्टिक pauShTika (adj) = nutritious;
पूषा pUShA (n)= the nourisher, sun ("tat-tvam pUShaNa-apAvRiNu" from the upaniShad);
पुष्कर puShkara = nourisher, the famous lake in rAjathAna.

other words for flower:
प्रसूनम् prasUnam,
कुसुमम् kusumam,
सुमनसः sumanasaH,
सूनम् sUnam,
सुमनः sumanaH.

Photo taken in Coorg, Karnataka. On top of the flower, just behind you see a small face of local deity representing mother earth. The Coorg people, with many coffee plantations in the middle of jungle are very earth conscious people!

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