Thursday, June 2, 2011

rest, relaxation - विश्राम

shram श्रम  (v)  [ shrAmyati श्राम्यति , first person present tense ]
1. to attempt, work, put effort into.
2. to control the senses with austerity and practice (tapas तपस्)
3. to get tired (due to hard work) [shrAnta श्रान्त]
4. to fall in hardship

shramaH श्रमः  (n) =
1. effort, attempt, physical work.
2. tiredness
3. hardship, pain/sorrow
4. physical exercise

pari-shrama परिश्रम = [n] very hard work. [v] to get very tired (due to hard work)

vishrAma विश्राम [n] = rest, relaxation, to stop or stay over.
shrama-jalam श्रम-जलम् = effort-water = sweat
shrama-sAdhya श्रम-साध्य = effort-accomplish-able = one that can be accomplished by hard work

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